Floor Cleaning Services

Floor Cleaning Services

Our comprehensive floor Cleaning services are suitable for all types of floors including wood, vinyl, tile and stone. Over time, floors start to suffer the effects of wear and tear; dirt and scratches mar a floor and creates a dirty and old appearance. Even when you take regular care of your floor to prevent this from happening, age can attack your floor without you even knowing. we provide a floor restoration service that will restore your floor to its original glory and surprise you with the difference between your floor and how your floor looked when it was first installed.

Even though you get your floors mopped regularly the surface loses its shine as hard to remove dirt starts accumulating on it. The solution is to get your floor scrubbed using a single disk machine fitted with floor scrubbing pads.

While there are many types of floor materials, each of them must be handled in different ways. To ensure the highest level of clean, we offer expert advice on the best floor cleaning methods and provide periodic maintenance schedules to make sure your floors are always at their best. Over 30 years of experience supplying expert cleaners to businesses of all types means we are able to offer highly knowledgeable staff with an unmatched understanding of floor cleaning and the expertise to do the job right.

We give free estimates and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If something’s not right, we’ll fix it! Complete Floor Cleaning Services in Fridley, Saint Paul, Hennepin County and Minneapolis. 30+ year of Commercial Cleaning Experience. Call Today for Free Quote (763) 439-8182. Contact us

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